The Rink

The Rink is the only ice rink that matches the size of Olympic rinks in Singapore. The gallery in the Rink can accommodate 460 adults. It is located on level III of Jcube. The Rink is also unique in Singapore in the sense that it is the only one that features dining facility aside the rink. It is fully equipped to host both recreational and ice skating and worldwide championships and all kinds of similar competitions. The rink acknowledges that you may not have experienced ice skating before and so extensive range of accessories is provided by The Rink to both children and adults.

Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet happens to be the largest water park of Singapore which was opened in the year 2004. You are guaranteed to have a day of spills and thrills at the water park with your entire family and friends. You should not miss the opportunity to have a thrilling and heart-throbbing ride on the torpedo which is ejected from an eighteen metre high capsule. For a family of two adults and two children, it costs S$60 whereas for senior citizens the ticket price is S$14. This is one place in Singapore where you can beat the heat as well as enjoy to the fullest out on the open sun.

Kranji Racecourse

Kranji Race Course in Singapore is also known as Singapore Race Course. Kranji Race Course is called so because of its location in the area of Kranji in the city. Singapore Turf Club developed Kranji Race Course and currently operates all the events at the race course as well. The race course was opened as a contemporary replacement for older Bukit Timah Racecourse. The inauguration of Kranji Race Course took place in 2000. Several significant domestic horse races are hosted by Singapore Race Course. Besides, Kris Flyer International Sprint and Singapore Airlines Cup are the two major international events that are organised at Kranji Race Course.

Singapore XD Theatre

Singapore XD Theatre is a 6D ride simulator roller coaster ride. The multisensory motion simulator is the latest addition in Singapore Flyer is can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The audio and visuals are amazing but the characteristic feature is the movement of the seat according to the motion playing on the screen and the special effects such as wind blowing onto your face are great enjoyment. So 3D motion images coupled with seat movement, wind blowing and LED effects gives

The area is small with 10 individual seats. You can choose between 3 adventure depending on the level of thrill you want. The turbine jet adventure is the most popular one since it brings out the 6D experience to the fullest.

This place is located in the second floor of Singapore Flyer. After a breathtaking panoramic view of Singapore in the flyer, if you want to experience something thrilling, the XD Theatre is the place to go.

However, the price is relatively expensive. For a single ride of less than 15 minutes, you need to pay $20 per adult and $18 per child. We would rather pay a little more and take several 6D rides in Sentosa’s Impiah Lookout section and Universal Studios.

Snow City Singapore

Located within Science Theatre, Snow City is the first indoor snow centre of Singapore. The concept of freezing climates and snow were introduced by Snow City in a fun, educational and entertaining way where visitors can experience sub- freezing climate, real snow and 3- storey high slopes of snow.

NTUC and Science Centre, Singapore jointly came up with the idea of Snow City. As Singapore is a tropical country, the idea was to give the Singaporeans the chance to experience snow and freezing climates in their native land. They spent $6mn to build this 3000 sq m centre which opened its doors officially in 2000.

Songs of the Sea

The multimedia show Songs of the Sea is organised on the Sentosa Resort Island. It is currently known as Sentosa Musicals, which replaced Magical Sentosa in 2007. The show involves multimedia and fountains that are worth $30 million in total. It is the only multimedia show that is permanently set at a beach in the whole World. The open-air gallery has accommodation capacity for 2,500 visitors. The show involves 7-person live performance, flame bursts, laser show, water jets and pyrotechnic displays. The water projections reach up to 40 metres and form water screen on which CGI animations is projected. It has won ASEAN Tourism Association Award and THEA Award.

As soon as the show is over, huge crowd will build up at the Beach Station. So instead of waiting to board at the station, it is recommended you take a 10-min walk to the Impiah Station as it is a lot less crowded and you can get immersed in the beautifully lit-up walk way as well.