Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Chomp Chomp food centre is extremely popular in Singapore and commonly known by the name of Serangoon Gardens Food Centre. This is a place which has even attracted various Asian celebrities and photos of them can be seen hung up at different places. The place comes to life especially during the evenings as people from different parts of the city flock to the place to enjoy signature dishes like barbecued chicken wings, grilled stingray, ice kacang, carrot cake, Hokkien Mee and many more. You can enjoy all these delights by sitting on a timber deck which faces the road and watch the different activities of the place.

Food Centrebukit-timah-food-centre0 Bukit Timah Food Centre

The Bukit Timah Hawker Centre consisting of eight four stalls located at the 2nd floor of the suburbn market complex consist of some of the best hawker stalls of the city. You can find a wet market the 1st floor where all types of fresh products are available. The hawker stalls of the place offer some amazing and delicious dishes that will be hard for you to resist. Located towards the north-western part of Marina Bay, this is a place which you need to visit if you are willing to experience some great foods at extremely affordable and reasonable prices.

Tiong Bahru Food Market

Tiong Bahru Food Market is situated in Tiong Bahru Estate and thus named so. It is a completely local food market and has both open air and covered tables at the upper level where great Singaporean and Indonesian delicacies are served. The entire market is comprised of numerous stalls and different stalls are popular for or specialise in different dishes. Nasi lemak, hokkien mee, roasted duck, Hainanese chicken, eggs, coffee, tea and all other eatable and drinkable things that can be expected in Singapore are available at Tiong Bahru Market. Earlier, the place was an open food hawker’s zone and current market is the result of renovation done less than a decade ago.

Maxwell Road Hawker Center

The Maxwell Road Food Centre of Singapore is a hawker centre visited by the locals as well as the tourists. Some of the most visited stalls in this food centre include Zhen Zhen porridge, Hoe Kee Porridge, Dim Sum, and Lao Ban Beancurd among the others. The popularly visited chicken rice stall in Singapore is that of Tian Tian serving a deliciously fragrant chicken that tastes really nice. The porridge offered at Zhen Zhen is dense and thick and is the most popular food that the Singaporeans and the tourists like to eat. The stalls at the food centre offer local delicacies at considerably moderate rates.

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Old Airport Road Hawker Centre is one of the top hawkers and food zone in Singapore. There are numerous food courts serving various delicacies and cuisines. Some serve only breakfast and lunch while others are open for every meal of the day. Getting help of a local is the best way to select where to have what because tasting even one speciality from every stall will require several visits to the area. Interestingly, the outdoor food centre is actually covered so that it can be visited in any season of the year. From drinks to sea food