Snow City Singapore

Located within Science Theatre, Snow City is the first indoor snow centre of Singapore. The concept of freezing climates and snow were introduced by Snow City in a fun, educational and entertaining way where visitors can experience sub- freezing climate, real snow and 3- storey high slopes of snow.

NTUC and Science Centre, Singapore jointly came up with the idea of Snow City. As Singapore is a tropical country, the idea was to give the Singaporeans the chance to experience snow and freezing climates in their native land. They spent $6mn to build this 3000 sq m centre which opened its doors officially in 2000.

Songs of the Sea

The multimedia show Songs of the Sea is organised on the Sentosa Resort Island. It is currently known as Sentosa Musicals, which replaced Magical Sentosa in 2007. The show involves multimedia and fountains that are worth $30 million in total. It is the only multimedia show that is permanently set at a beach in the whole World. The open-air gallery has accommodation capacity for 2,500 visitors. The show involves 7-person live performance, flame bursts, laser show, water jets and pyrotechnic displays. The water projections reach up to 40 metres and form water screen on which CGI animations is projected. It has won ASEAN Tourism Association Award and THEA Award.

As soon as the show is over, huge crowd will build up at the Beach Station. So instead of waiting to board at the station, it is recommended you take a 10-min walk to the Impiah Station as it is a lot less crowded and you can get immersed in the beautifully lit-up walk way as well.

Wonder Full Light and Water Show

The Wonder Full Light and Water Show of Singapore definitely finds it place amongst the best attractions of the city. The best part is it is FREE! Your experience of Singapore will remain incomplete if you do not take out time to witness this magical show at Marina Bay Sands. The show promises to enthral its audiences by taking them on a journey which explores the wonders of life and humanity.
A Show not to be Missed
The spectacular show of light and water is rated amongst the best in south-east Asia, dazzling thousands of spectators who gather to watch this amazing phenomenon every night. You should not forget to bring to your camera at any chance as you will be provided with the opportunity to capture those magical moments and cherish them for the rest of your life. The show continues for thirteen minutes at 8p.m and 9.30p.m on Sundays to Thursdays and at 8p.m, 9.30p.m and 11p.m on Fridays and Saturdays.

Top Notch Technogy for Best Experience
The show makes use of some of the most sophisticated laser vision technology to offer the viewers with something they have never ever witnessed in their life. The equipments used for the show include 09 HD video projectors, 30 searchlights, fifteen high powered lasers, three huge water screens, amazing surround sound system, 250,000 LEDs and half million wattage of light. The 360° attraction can best be described as unique in sight and dramatic in scale.
You will be surprised to know that it took about three years for the completion of the project which involved one hundred specialists from different parts of the world. If you want to get a good view, you should make it a point to reach the venue as early as possible as the place gets extremely crowded. The show starts with a water drop signifying birth and moves through different stages of life, ultimately ending in a puff of bubbles and smoke.

How to Get There?
The nearest MRT stations to the venue is Bayfront. It is also possible to reach the venue by bus with the drop-off point along Bayfront Avenue. The show can be viewed from a distance of 3.5km and the music composition that accompanies the show is also aired on 103.9FM.

The Wonder Full Light and Water Show offer you with a chance to enjoy the evening in relaxing and comfortable way, witnessing the spectacular show that can leave any person breathless.


Lockdown is the place to be in a threatening real-life scenario sans the danger. Lockdown is a gaming facility but where you are the character. There you do not play in front of a screen and use your intelligence and reflexes while standing on the carpet or sitting on the couch. Kidnapped, Top Secret and Bail Out are the 3 scenarios and you will be put in the situation physically. Use your brain to identify clues and unravel them so that you can get out of the Kidnapped room or the Bail Out yourself of false murder charges. This place perfect celebrate events with a difference.

Premier Singapore Location

Flight Experience

If you are an aviation enthusiast then Flight Experience Singapore is definitely going to excite you the most. It is identical to flight simulators that are used by airlines for training their commercial pilots. The flight simulator is based on Boeing 737NG replicating modern twin jet environment. The fully enclosed cockpit of the simulator will offer you with a total virtual reality environment with its high-fidelity sound, 180° wraparound visuals, cooling systems and slight seat vibration. You can fulfill the ambition of your childhood by flying in and out of around 24,000 airports through countless flight routes and tracks. You can choose from a wide range of flight packages offered by Flight Experience. The different packages offered include scenic flight, city circuits, city flyer, ultimate, multi-city flyer and multi-ultimate.

The Virtual Flight Experience that is so Real
This can prove to be the ultimate outdoor adventure experience for you once you start with the preparation for the thrilling, adrenaline-pumping ride. Before you begin with the flight session, pre-flight briefing is offered by a qualified flight experience instructor. Multi-media presentation is used for assisting you with planning and execution of the flight plan.

Everything seems so real that you will forget the feeling that you are not on board a real flight. Once you start with your journey, you are required to take care of different controls and monitor various indicators and screens. The cockpit of the flight simulator consists of computerized screens showing computerized images of outside world. Located at Singapore Flyer, Flight Experience offers a unique opportunity where you can experience the real thrill and joy associated with flying an aircraft.

Fear of Flying Course
Back to the real world. If you are afraid of flying then, Fear of Flying Course offered by Flight Experience is ideal for you. Apart from flight education and simulator sessions, you get to learn CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy strategies which challenge your behaviour and thinking style around flying.

Merchandise Store
A merchandise store is also available where you can get approved Boeing merchandises as well as different aviation products. You can even buy a DVD of your flight by paying a nominal fee of S$20 and re-live the magical experience all your life.

If you love to take up challenges and like to experience new things in life then Flight Experience Singapore is one such opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. You can also bring along a maximum of 3 “passengers” while you prepare to take off to your dream destination.

Ultimate Drive

Owning a supercar is a dream of most motor enthusiasts but only a few manage to achieve such dreams. But, if you are in Singapore then riding a dream vehicle does not prove to be a distant dream, thanks to Ultimate Drive.

Located at Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer, Ultimate Drive offers you with the opportunity to drive the two ultimate supercars – Ferrari F430 F1 Spider and Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. You can hire any of these two cars or even both the cars and drive them through the highly popular and famous Singapore F1 course. There are three packages available which include Street Circuit Tour, Street to Freeway Tour and Ultimate Tour. The First package allows you to drive these magnificent vehicles for fifteen minutes, the second package offers half an hour of ride time whereas the last package offers a ride time of one hour.

Be Thrilled Driving Your Dream Car

You can either choose to drive the vehicle on your own or if you wish to sit back and relax then professional drivers are available to show you the capabilities of these supercars. While on the road, you will feel overwhelmed with the kind of attention from motorists and passersby all turning their heads to get a glimpse of the beast under your command.

You can also bring a friend or relative with you and ride both the vehicles side by side and even snap pictures. Both the vehicles have top speeds of over 300km/hr with power of about 500bhp. You can opt for manual shifting of gears via F1 paddle shifters or the fully automatic mode base on your preference.

Booking for the vehicles can be done through telephone, internet or any of the boutiques of Ultimate Drive. In order to drive the cars, you need to be over twenty one years of age with at least two years driving experience.

Ultimate Drive is open for you all throughout the year even on public holidays and weekends. The timings are from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Once you are done with your thrilling outdoor ride, you can collect the Ultimate Drive Certificate with your name on it. You can also purchase a memorable recording of this once in a lifetime ride by paying S$58. The dual HD camera located on board helps in capturing the drive from 2 different angles – the street view and inside the cockpit so that you can cherish the memories forever.

*RecommendedFood Playground0 Food Playground

Food Playground is a cooking school that is characterised by its effort on team building. It is certainly not like most conventional cooking tutorials. Clockwork precision and lightening chopping speed are just not the mantra at Food Playground. It is be the odd refreshment among the series of sightseeing natural and manmade wonders in Singapore. The informal mode of instruction by trainers let you to put their hand into cooking some of the known Singaporean delicacies in an entirely fun environment. Moreover, you can enjoy your own discoveries or creations at the dining room while intermingling with your newly made friends.

Skyline Luge Sentosa

Singapore is never short of exciting and fun-filled activities and the Skyline Luge Sentosa is a perfect example of that. Located between Siloso Beach and Imbiah station, you can visit the Skyline Luge quite easily from any part of Sentosa. You can consider it to be a hybrid of go-cart and toboggan and offers you with the perfect opportunity to experience outdoors in a different style. No matter whether you arrive with your family and kids or friends, the ride is definitely suitable for people of all ages. The wheeled gravity ride allows riders to have full control while they descent along the purposely built Luge track.

The Adventurous Dragon and Jungle Trails

The Skyline Luge Sentosa happens to be the only place in the Southeast Asia where you can enjoy such a ride. Two special trails are available for the visitors which include the Dragon Trail and the Jungle Trail. The Dragon Trail is 688m long whereas the Jungle Trail is 628m long.

Before you set off, instructors will show you how to manoeuvre the luge with its long handles. The speed of the descent depends entirely upon you as you can come down gently or ride past your fellow companions as fast as you can.
Curves and Slopes

Extensive curve of 180 degree is available in the Jungle Trail. The tracks include exciting slopes, long straights and hairpin corners enough to make you scream and enjoy to the fullest.

What is the price?
Different packages are available for you to choose from which includes Luge & Skyline combo as well as family deals. You can buy ticket for a single Luge and Skyline for $13. However, we recommend to get 3 Luge & Skylines at $20 since you can try both trails and pick your favourite for the third luge.

Children below six years of age can ride the Luge with an adult and needs to be 110cm or taller.

Opening Hours
The Skyline Luge remains open all throughout the year from 10am to 9.30pm.

Night Experience

If you want to experience the real magic of the luge ride then the best time to do that is during the night. The trails are set ablaze with different types of lighting to suit the theme of each trail. It offers you with a completely different experience unlike the day time ride.
Enjoy the Skyride View

You can complete your outdoor exciting outdoor venture by taking a ride of the Skyline and witness the beautiful city of Singapore along with the foamy waves of the ocean from high above. It can turn out to be an exciting and memorable experience for you while vacationing in the beautiful city of Singapore.

Cookery Magic

Cooking can be considered as an art which requires willingness and proper knowledge in order to prepare mouth-watering dishes. If you are in Singapore on vacation and finished with your shopping and sight-seeing then a visit to Cookery Magic is definitely worth the experience. Located on Fidelio Street within a single storey house, Cookery Magic happens to be a highly recommended school for cooking in Singapore. You can learn some of the best in class cuisines from different countries like India, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Ruqxana is the chef who leads the courses and even offers children’s and vegetarian cooking courses. You will be overwhelmed with the warm welcome and friendliness of Ruqxana who can also show you around her terraced house.

The Chef Behind the Class
The classes are kept intimate and small and you are bound to enjoy the classes with lots of laughter and chatter. Ruqxana is of Indian origin and is a self-taught cook who takes her passion for cooking very seriously. You can also check out her website at the Singapore Tourism Board and know more about her cooking classes.

Apart from the classes, you will also get to know more about the medicinal purposes and history of ingredients that she uses while cooking. She has vast experience when it comes to cooking and if you are in any sort of doubts, she will clarify them with a friendly tone and easy going attitude. A lot can be learnt about Nonya food which is preferred by the Peranakan people. The relaxed home-setting atmosphere will make you extremely comfortable and allow you to learn the details of every dish prepared along with its cultural significance.

Apart from getting to learn new recipes and dishes, you get the opportunity to have a peek into the local culture which is thoroughly attached with the local cuisines and dishes of Singapore.

It does not matter at all whether you have prior experience in cooking or not as Ruqxana takes out the time to teach you about the preparation of every dish in such a way that it becomes easy for you to prepare it without referring to anything. Even though many might consider attending cooking classes while spending holidays not such a great idea, once you are done with Ruqxana’s cooking classes, you will feel that the time was utilized in the best possible manner.

*Recommendedorchid-garden0 National Orchid Garden

Located within Singapore Botanic Gardens amidst lush tropical greenery, National Orchid Gardens is a paradise for orchid lovers. The garden is home to more than one thousand species of orchids and includes VIP orchids named after foreign dignitaries and celebrities. You are bound to be amazed by orchids that are generally found in tropical highland areas and also cool-growing species of plants and carnivorous plants.

Singapore Orchid Garden is home to a wide variety of orchid species, some of which are almost extinct within their natural habitats.

Tons of Orchid Species to Appreciate
The best part about National Orchid Garden is the orchid display design. The orchids are displayed and organised base on the colour scheme that reflects the winter, autumn, summer and spring seasons. The orchids are set amidst a backdrop of strikingly similar trees and foliage. Some of the attractions inside the National Orchid Garden include the Burkill Hall, Dancing Lady Orchid or Golden Shower, Tiger Orchid, Vanda Miss Joaquim, Tan Hoon Siang Mist House and VIP orchid garden.

Mist House

Set against a backdrop of tropical foliage and cultural decor, a host of award-winning rare orchids are displayed in the mist house.

Some of the rare orchids featured by the National Orchid Garden include Elephant’s Ear Orchid, Rat’s Tail and Slipper.

Cool House
The Cool House is another special attraction within the National Orchid Garden which you should not miss at any chance. The house simulates montane tropical forest and consists of varieties of orchid species, cool growing plants and carnivorous plants. The famous Pitcher Plant with its nectar scent and beautiful colours is also available here.


The Orchidarium is where most of the wild orchids are seen. Despite generally being less snowy and free-flowering than the cultivated orchids, wild ones often have delicate and intricate blooms.

Tranquil Environment

If you are visiting Singapore for the first time then you should not miss the opportunity to visit this spectacular outdoor retreat which houses orchids from nearly every corner of the globe. There is hardly any other orchid gardens around the world where you can witness such great variety of orchid species at one place. It is a nice quiet world to witness away from the hustle and bustle of busy Singaporean city life.

Opening Hours and Accessibility
The National Orchid Garden remains open from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. with last ticket sales taking place at around 6 p.m. The admission fees for adults is S$5, for students S$1, for senior citizens S$1 and free for children below twelve years of age. Car parking facilities are available for your convenience and the garden consists of directional signs and map boards for easy navigation within the area.