Mahaco Impex

Mahaco Impex is a textiles store at Arab Street in Singapore. It is owned by the family that runs it. The store has a vast range of fabrics from pure cotton to finest silk and every variety between them. The members of the family who run the run have developed appreciable expertise in recommendation and suggestion of fabric as well as measurement required for different kinds of outfit. In fact, they can even suggest the measurement required for custom dresses after listening to the description almost accurately and instantly. Mahaco Impex is also popular for beaded items, cushion covers, wall hangings, colourful quilts and similar items.

ShoppingTakashimaya Singapore0 Takashimaya Singapore

The shopping centre and departmental store of Takashimaya is located on Orchard Road which is the shopping hub for the city of Singapore. The store caters mostly to affluent customers and even consists of a restaurant, slimming services, spa, a gym, boutiques, an art gallery and dry cleaners. It is definitely worth your time to visit the store as you can find products related to different categories like arts and crafts, sportswear, ladies fashion, beauty and hair, music, home decor, cosmetic and children. Different types of cuisines are also offered by Takashimaya which includes Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and International dishes.

ShoppingLotto Carpets Gallery0 Lotto Carpets Gallery

This gallery was founded in 1860 and is located at Dempsey, Singapore. The space permits for a one- of- a- kind viewing and exploring experience.

The main purpose of this gallery is to deliver unrivalled service and customer satisfaction with its exclusive quality of products. Their objective is in changing the perspectives and see carpets as works of art, expanding the understanding, educating clients and appreciating the weaving- art.

The gallery is committed in giving something back to the society. Auctions are hold several times throughout the year in association with several non- profit organizations and charities.

Clarke Quay

This historical riverside quay is located upstream from Boat Quay and Singapore River. It is named after Andrew Clarke, the second governor of Singapore (1873- 1875). He played a big part in making Singapore the main port of Sungei Ujong, Selangor and Perak.

Currently, the restored warehouses here are the location of numerous restaurants and nightclubs. This quay is a delightful combination of traditional and modern. Old shop-houses provide the perfect backdrop to Clarke Quay where you can have a merry time savouring in the delights of Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese and local cuisine.

Singapore River Cruise has a ticketing counter and jetty for you to board at Clarke Quay. From here, you can travel in the electrically-powered bumboat back and forth Singapore River for 40 mins.
Fountain Platform

The fountain platform at Clarke Quay is one of the most popularly visited areas. The platform contains a number of small fountains. The water splashing is pleasing to the eyes and kids love it. The bars built around the fountain are popular among patrons.

The nighttime at Clarke Quay offers a kaleidoscopic view with different colors pouring in and getting reflected on the waters at the river. The buildings and high rises will be painted in different colors that create a mood for revelry.

Suntec City

Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre
This is a state-of-the-art facility for exhibitions and conventions. As its name suggests, it host from local to international events and therefore, the technology and service incorporated to the centre are world-class. There are elegant ballrooms, spacious meeting rooms, halls, galleries and additional spaces that seamlessly designed to host any event perfectly. In total, you have 40 options to choose the venue most suitable for your event. The staffs and professionals are highly trained to carry out the requirements of corporate events and different exhibitions. In short, you can be assured that your event at Suntect International Centre will be personalised success.

AmusementOmni-Theatre and Planetarium0 Omni-Theatre and Planetarium

Located beside Science Centre, Omni-Theatre happens to be the lone IMAX dome theatre of Singapore. Crystal clear images are featured by the cinema along with top quality digital surround sound. The dome screen which is almost five storeys in height features thrill-ride simulations and films within a relaxed environment. Short but extremely informative films are presented which range across different genres including space, science, animals, nature, natural disasters, culture and marine life. Apart from the cinema, you can also check out the gifts shop and space exhibitions. The observatory and omni-planetarium allows you to view the constellations of the southern and northern celestial hemispheres.

The Rink

The Rink is the only ice rink that matches the size of Olympic rinks in Singapore. The gallery in the Rink can accommodate 460 adults. It is located on level III of Jcube. The Rink is also unique in Singapore in the sense that it is the only one that features dining facility aside the rink. It is fully equipped to host both recreational and ice skating and worldwide championships and all kinds of similar competitions. The rink acknowledges that you may not have experienced ice skating before and so extensive range of accessories is provided by The Rink to both children and adults.

Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet happens to be the largest water park of Singapore which was opened in the year 2004. You are guaranteed to have a day of spills and thrills at the water park with your entire family and friends. You should not miss the opportunity to have a thrilling and heart-throbbing ride on the torpedo which is ejected from an eighteen metre high capsule. For a family of two adults and two children, it costs S$60 whereas for senior citizens the ticket price is S$14. This is one place in Singapore where you can beat the heat as well as enjoy to the fullest out on the open sun.

Kranji Racecourse

Kranji Race Course in Singapore is also known as Singapore Race Course. Kranji Race Course is called so because of its location in the area of Kranji in the city. Singapore Turf Club developed Kranji Race Course and currently operates all the events at the race course as well. The race course was opened as a contemporary replacement for older Bukit Timah Racecourse. The inauguration of Kranji Race Course took place in 2000. Several significant domestic horse races are hosted by Singapore Race Course. Besides, Kris Flyer International Sprint and Singapore Airlines Cup are the two major international events that are organised at Kranji Race Course.

Singapore XD Theatre

Singapore XD Theatre is a 6D ride simulator roller coaster ride. The multisensory motion simulator is the latest addition in Singapore Flyer is can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The audio and visuals are amazing but the characteristic feature is the movement of the seat according to the motion playing on the screen and the special effects such as wind blowing onto your face are great enjoyment. So 3D motion images coupled with seat movement, wind blowing and LED effects gives

The area is small with 10 individual seats. You can choose between 3 adventure depending on the level of thrill you want. The turbine jet adventure is the most popular one since it brings out the 6D experience to the fullest.

This place is located in the second floor of Singapore Flyer. After a breathtaking panoramic view of Singapore in the flyer, if you want to experience something thrilling, the XD Theatre is the place to go.

However, the price is relatively expensive. For a single ride of less than 15 minutes, you need to pay $20 per adult and $18 per child. We would rather pay a little more and take several 6D rides in Sentosa’s Impiah Lookout section and Universal Studios.