Wonder Full Light and Water Show

The Wonder Full Light and Water Show of Singapore definitely finds it place amongst the best attractions of the city. The best part is it is FREE! Your experience of Singapore will remain incomplete if you do not take out time to witness this magical show at Marina Bay Sands. The show promises to enthral its audiences by taking them on a journey which explores the wonders of life and humanity.
A Show not to be Missed
The spectacular show of light and water is rated amongst the best in south-east Asia, dazzling thousands of spectators who gather to watch this amazing phenomenon every night. You should not forget to bring to your camera at any chance as you will be provided with the opportunity to capture those magical moments and cherish them for the rest of your life. The show continues for thirteen minutes at 8p.m and 9.30p.m on Sundays to Thursdays and at 8p.m, 9.30p.m and 11p.m on Fridays and Saturdays.

Top Notch Technogy for Best Experience
The show makes use of some of the most sophisticated laser vision technology to offer the viewers with something they have never ever witnessed in their life. The equipments used for the show include 09 HD video projectors, 30 searchlights, fifteen high powered lasers, three huge water screens, amazing surround sound system, 250,000 LEDs and half million wattage of light. The 360° attraction can best be described as unique in sight and dramatic in scale.
You will be surprised to know that it took about three years for the completion of the project which involved one hundred specialists from different parts of the world. If you want to get a good view, you should make it a point to reach the venue as early as possible as the place gets extremely crowded. The show starts with a water drop signifying birth and moves through different stages of life, ultimately ending in a puff of bubbles and smoke.

How to Get There?
The nearest MRT stations to the venue is Bayfront. It is also possible to reach the venue by bus with the drop-off point along Bayfront Avenue. The show can be viewed from a distance of 3.5km and the music composition that accompanies the show is also aired on 103.9FM.

The Wonder Full Light and Water Show offer you with a chance to enjoy the evening in relaxing and comfortable way, witnessing the spectacular show that can leave any person breathless.

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